Postman to remove group policy on MX's


Postman to remove group policy on MX's



I'm relatively new to Meraki and Postman.


I've been playing around with Postman for a few days now and have been able to make some "Get" and "Post" requests just to get a feel as to how things work.


One of the things I need to do is remove a Group Policy applied to one of our VLANs.  While I could do this manually, of course, I'd rather automate it.  We are talking 200+ locations here.


I did speak with Meraki about doing this and while they did not have anything they could give me, they did suggest I come here and ask the community to see if anyone has done a similar thing and could provide some guidance.


Does anyone have any means in doing this with Postman?  I would imagine it would have to perform a "check" to see which locations have the policy, then remove if it exists.


This is probably way beyond my skill level so if anyone could help out with how I could do this, that would be great.



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Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

I can't help you with Postman, but if you are prepared to have a try with Python, you'll find examples of doing lots of things.


There is a getting started guide here (note, use the Python tabs):!getting-started has labs you can do to learn more: 


This github code contains lots and lots of examples of code to automate things.  You might be able to do a bit of cut and paste if you get lucky. 

Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

Hi ,

I would personnaly use Python to developp a small script to achieve your needs.  The Meraki Python SDK is pretty well made and easy to learn ! I usually test individual endpoints with Postman , but when doing automation I use Python. I'm not sure if you can do that in Postman. 


Here is some pseudo code. 

   Loop through all Networks

   Filter networks on something that you desire ( name , tag  [...] )

   Get the Vlan info ( supply the networkID and the Vlan ID )

   Update the same Vlan ID but without the groupPolicyID , remove it 


listOfNetworks = getOrganizationNetworks
for Network in ListOfNetworks:
    if "Criteria" == Network["name"]: ###Or Anything to match desired networks
        Vlan = getNetworkApplianceVlan(Network['id'],VlanID)#networkID from "Network" and vlanID
        if "NameOfYourVlanToEdit" == Vlan["name"]: ### Just to make sure its the good vlan
            updateNetworkApplianceVlan ###Update same Data without groupPolicyID

Obviously test it before looping throught all your networks and I'm not responsible for any mess created 🙂 

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