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Location analytics

When we are working within shopping Centers and placing AP's along the mall for triangulation.  Once the customer walks past the AP we cannot get a location within the shop.  I would assume two AP's should still be able to position customer inside the shop below a 25m radius?

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We use floor plans and create our own zones however when you study the raw data Meraki cannot locate a person unless it has 3 AP's.  Our platform is pretty on point but Meraki cant locate once you walk past them into a store.  We are layering additional AP's in the individual stores to create triangulation within the store.

There is no way to do triangulation with only 2 APs.  You would only get a very rough fix.

Phil, can we get a list of Bluetooth clients and revoke them from the system.  At the moment we are doing shopping centres and getting, Texas instruments, printers, Card readers chip & pin / contactless and they are reporting as a device on Meraki.  Can we do this on Meraki or do we import and remove from our own data.  Gary

>Phil, can we get a list of Bluetooth clients and revoke them from the system.


No.  Meraki is only detecting their presence.  However the scannig API does mark them as bluetooth, so you can just ignore those events.  The "type" is set to "BluetoothDevicesSeen".



Actually, I guess you could turn off bluetooth detection in the dashboard.  That might be the easiest.



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You're correct that Meraki needs at least three access points to triangulate client location.


You will get more reliable location data within the area defined by your set of access points (technically, within the two-dimensional convex hull defined by your access points).  Outside of that area, Meraki tries to determine a location, but the results aren't as good as you'll see inside the area.


If you want really good location data, you should think about every possible position on your property.  At each point, consider four directional quadrants.  You want an access point in 3 out of those 4 quadrants within a range of about 3m to 25m (not the exact numbers, just from memory).  You won't get a perfect layout, but this is a way to approximate the quality of your plan from a location accuracy perspective.

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