Can't modify MX L3 Firewall Rules

Kind of a big deal

Can't modify MX L3 Firewall Rules

What am I doing wrong?  I get a 404 returned.  The "networkid" is correct.  The apikey is correct.


headers = {
  'x-cisco-meraki-api-key': format(str(apikey)),
  'Content-Type': 'application/json'

puturl = '{0}/l3FirewallRules'.format(str(networkid))
dashboard = requests.put(puturl, data=json.dumps({"rules": [{"srcPort": "Any", "syslogEnabled": False, "policy": "deny", "comment": "Test", "destCidr": "", "srcCidr": "Any", "destPort": "80", "protocol": "tcp"}], "syslogDefaultRule": False}), headers=headers)

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Try adding /api/v0 in the url.


For example:


puturl = '{0}/l3FirewallRules'.format(str(networkid))


Also, make sure you're set to follow redirects when you make the request.  This endpoint redirects to the specific '' for your organization when you issue the request.

I feel like such a ditz now.  I spent hours on this on specific API call trying to figure it out.  I kept thinking a out the 404 response and that really should have been a bigger hint.


It is working now.


The documentation for the Python requests module has that it follows redirects automatically.

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