API - Delete meraki guest user

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API - Delete meraki guest user

We are facing an issue while trying to re-create/ re-authorize the deleted guest user. Any suggestion on how to resolve below issue?

1. We are creating guest user (merakiauthuser with type as "Guest") using rest API.

2. At the end of guest user's visit, we are calling DELETE {{baseUrl}}/networks/:networkId/merakiAuthUsers/:merakiAuthUserId which deauthorizing the user.

3. If we try to create the user again it says " Email id already taken",

4. As per documentation, we tried calling POST to the same URL as delete, which is throwing 404.

POST {{baseUrl}}/networks/:networkId/merakiAuthUsers/:merakiAuthUserId


Is there a way to completely delete the guest user? Or how to re-authorize/activate the user?

Any help will be appreciated.




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