Licensing for free AP's?

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Licensing for free AP's?

Received a free MR18 with 3 years of service for attending a webinar.  My 3 years are up, and my 30 day grace period is about to expire.  Does anyone know if you can get a new license?  This is not in an enterprise environment, as I use it at home to "play with".  We do have units at the company I work for, so I do use it to test/try configurations, etc. from time to time.  It is not my primary device at home, but I would like to keep playing around, if possible.


Anyone have any insight or contacts that might be able to help?




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Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

You wont be able to get another licence for free.


If you need a lab unit for work then perhaps ask the company you work for to buy it.

That was my guess as well, but figured it couldn't hurt to ask.


We do have formal "lab" equipment in the office, so will not hurt if it becomes a paperweight.  As I said, more or less just fun to play around with.


No biggie either way.

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