Can you pre- configure an MX-W device with license only?

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Can you pre- configure an MX-W device with license only?

Can you pre-configure an MX60W with just the license? we are waiting on the SER# to be freed up from a different ORG and need to get a network lit up quick. 


Example: License has been ordered and will arrive soon. Hardware is being removed from existing network next week. Can I get things rolling with just a license key? 

Kind of a big deal

You absolutely can configure before connecting hardware or having the SN#

Meraki Employee

It's not even dependent on a license. In a dashboard you can create a new network and not add any device. At that point you can configure things like VLANs, firewall rules, etc. When you add the device to the network later it will want a license. If the license isn't present it invokes a 30 day grace period so you can get up and running and clear up the license discrepancy later.

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