Recognizing July’s Members of the Month

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Check out July's Members of the Month!


The Rising Star

The Rising Star award recognizes our top new contributor. To achieve this award, you must fulfill BOTH of the below criteria:


  • Joined within the past 3 months
  • Written the most posts in that time compared to your fellow new users


This month’s Rising Star award goes to @Dunky. Since joining in early July, @Dunky has posted a great array of questions for troubleshooting on our Wireless LAN, Switching, and Security boards, amassing their first 22 posts, 4 kudos and even a solution!



Johan_Oosterwaa-Star (1).png



Thanks for your posts @Dunky and we hope you'll continue to find value from participating in our community!


The Top Four

Here, we congratulate our top four contributors of the month, based on the number of kudos they’ve received and accepted solutions they’ve authored. This month these amazing members provided the community with a total of 44 solutions and received a total of 345 kudos for their efforts.



115 kudos

17 solutions

MOTM score: 149


90 kudos

6 solutions

MOTM score: 102


74 kudos

11 solutions

MOTM score: 96


66 kudos

10 solutions

MOTM score: 86

(MOTM score = kudos received + 2*solutions authored)


Congratulations to all of our stellar contributors

 and thanks to everyone who participated on the community in July!


Kind of a big deal

Congratulations to all the winners here !

Thanks @MeredithW 

Kind of a big deal

Well done @Dunky .  Also a great effort everyone else.

Kind of a big deal

Nice work as normal team!

Kind of a big deal

Great job @Dunky, keep those solutions coming!

A model citizen

Congrats to all of you...well done and keep going!

Here to help

Thats a lovely way of showing appreciation towards the community. Congrats everyone!

A model citizen

Thanks guys.

The usefulness of a community is reliant on the quality of its contributing members, and I must say there are some very knowledgeable and helpful members here contributing not only their knowledge but their time to helping others.

A big thanks to all of you