It's 2k Post Week! Make your 2,000th post, win an MV12W!

Community Manager

Inspired by @mmmmmmark's comment on the First Post Week blog post, in addition to declaring this week First Post Week, it is also 2k Post Week! 


Anyone who posts their 2,000th post between 12am PDT on Monday, April 9 and 11:59pm PDT on Sunday, April 15 will win a pretty fantastic prize... drum roll.... 

... an MV12W with a 5-year license! 




The fine print

Community Manager

Surprise, surprise, we have a winner! @PhilipDAth - CONGRATULATIONS!!! 🎉 🎊 🚀


@MRCUR@Uberseehandel@jared_f@MilesMeraki@Adam - you each have posted over 300 times (WOW!). Perhaps we'll do another 2k Post Week in the future...  or you can just go NUTS this week!! 😃



Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

congratz to PhilipDAth.


i feel a 116th posts week coming soon Smiley Very Happy

Building a reputation

This is plain old awesome! Congrats @PhilipDAth You totally deserve this recognition! Thanks @CarolineS and the whole of Meraki! What a community!

Kind of a big deal

 Thanks for the mention @CarolineS! Congrats @PhilipDAth!

Kind of a big deal

Sorry for the slow response.  I haven't been able to spend my normal 18 hours on the community today (that's happy sarcasm).


Thank you @CarolineS and all the other great supporters of the community.  This is by far my favourite Cisco forum.


I really appreciate the camera which I have some big plans for.  Now if I can just get @GeorgeB to create a camera API to allow me to do searching between defined zones I'll enable Meraki to sell so many more cameras they'll name the 10th anniversary edition after me.



Head in the Cloud

Congratulations @PhilipDAth! I wouldn't mind a free MR12W 😛

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