First Post Week update

Community Manager


Only a few days left until the end of First Post Week! It ends on Sunday (April 15) at 11:59pm Pacific time. 


If you have a question you've been thinking of asking, or just want to jump in and introduce yourself, there's no better time than now. All first-time posters will be entered into a drawing to win some Meraki-branded gear!


Thank you to these 70 members who have taken the plunge and made their first post this week. At the moment, your chances of winning one of our 10 prizes are 1 in 7! (but, I must admit, I hope the chances become slightly less good  😉)


@Noah, @cdehaan, @Dandri, @plaid_brad, @rsperre, @Eissam_Khoury, @Venkatesh, @AFamilyGuy, @FM, @davidvan, @mak2018, @JackK, @RyanPinheiro, @mrsgrt, @mathewvarghese, @NurIT-db, @Robert_Kuhn, @j5428, @misterharrison, @Convergint, @TechGuy84, @Jason_P_Beal, @B-Run, @ChrisDenny, @Hien_Doan, @RlentAlura, @IdealCH, @DincTuna, @BenninJ, @fernando-buil, @JonMAlexander, @L337NetEng, @F_Fukumoto, @JimTiedeman, @bucky919, @WPOOLEIEC, @franz11, @Briggsb, @Tonyis, @Dimitri, @NSGuru, @Eli_Gelber, @edWinMatOs, @Dale_Takacs, @Emilion, @Benn, @wreti, @Carlos, @Alex_Fernandes, @Kelsey, @RonG, @ITMgrDrok, @Leejohn1, @andy1, @btrask, @brwillou, @Terry015, @jhouts, @plschfr, @NolaD, @alextctlt, @RichardH, @GB4Meraki, @Drew, @I_Naitoh, @m841, @calebbaker, @TimBreen, @radzima, @theWIFIguy


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