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🎁 🍰 🎈 Happy 2nd Birthday, Meraki Community! 🎈 🍰 🎁

Community Manager




The Meraki Community turns two today and we couldn’t be more proud!



Only a year ago, our little community was just knee-high to a pig’s eye, and today it’s grown to more than 25,000 members! * Sniff * They grow up so fast 😭:



2ndBdayMembers.png  2ndBdayTopics.png  .2ndBdayReplies.png 2ndBdayKudos.png



With such wild achievements, how could we forget some of our most favorite memories of the past year, like when we launched the All-Stars program (a whole month ago!)? Or that time we learned that y’all LOVE explaining things? And, of course, we mustn't forget the endless gnome shenanigans we all find so endearing! 


But of course, you, our community members, say it best. Everyone loves a compliment shower, especially on your birthday!



β€œI am amazed and impressed by the responses to questions posted here in this community. My early apprehensions about being treated with aloofness disappeared in a hurry. I now kick myself for not communicating with you good folks earlier!

KUDOS TO ONE AND ALL! and Thank you for always responding.”


Thank you!


As a way to show our thanks to you for helping to grow our dear community, we thought it fitting to introduce Kudos Badges!


There will be three ranks of Kudos Badges that can be earned through receiving kudos:

You’ll earn this badge after you’ve received your first 10 kudos β€” helping out by replying to unanswered questions is a great place to start!




As you receive 25 and 50 kudos, you’ll be granted the badges below accordingly:







Any member who has already received 10, 25, or 50 kudos will automatically be awarded the corresponding badges. So, if you’ve already received 50 kudos, then you’ll be granted all three badges at once!


If you’re not granted the appropriate badge in the next 24 hours and feel this was in error, please email us at



πŸ’š πŸ₯‚ 🎈 🍰 🎁 πŸŽ‚ πŸŽ‰
πŸŽ‰ πŸŽ‚ 🎁 🍰 🎈 πŸ₯‚ πŸ’š





We don't need no stinking badges πŸ˜‰ send cake please!

Building a reputation

Happy Birthday all ! 


Thanks for all of the tips and advice, a great community


Special thanks to @MeredithW  and @CarolineS for keeping it buzzing !

Building a reputation

You get a Kudo and you get a kudo...


Seriously, such a great community full of knowledge.  Happy to be part of the Meraki team!

What a happy day for us all! This is a great place to learn and collaborate with other. Happy 2nd birthday Meraki Community.
Here to help

"One small response from a member, a giant leap for the Meraki Community!"


Just browsing


Just browsing

Happy birthday everyone!


Let's all have a drink on this. 

Kind of a big deal

Happy Bday Meraki Community. Cat Very Happy

New here

Well Happy Birthday to us all.

Comes here often

Happy Birthday Community!!!!

Here to help

Happy Brithday!!!

Comes here often

Happy Brithday!!! From Costa Rica.

Just browsing


Here to help

Hurray! Congratulations!



Comes here often



Want Cake....


Happy 2nd Birthday Meraki Community!


(Funny, feels more like 730 days.)


Happy Birthday to you.

Happy Birthday to you.

Happy Birthday Meraki Community!

Happy Birthday to you.


I wonder what the member stats will be, when next year we turn 3?

Head in the Cloud

About thirty people celebrating in the picture and only one small cake ... I think these are very sad times at Meraki HQ  ... πŸ˜‰


Nevertheless, happy birthday!

Kind of a big deal

@KarstenI and I heard we are all getting a piece too πŸ˜…

Here to help

This community has saved me so many times when I was stumped!  Thanks everyone for making this community a great one!


Wow! Happy 2nd b-day, Meraki Community!