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[CONTEST ENDED] Community Challenge: Digital Transformation

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Update: This contest has ended! Thank you all for your thoughtful digital transformation ideas and examples — we really enjoyed reading your responses!


We randomly selected three swag winners: @Jorg95@pawelk, and @tdj7397. I'll be reaching out today to confirm your shipping addresses. Congratulations!


This month’s Community Challenge will explore the hot topic of the moment: digital transformation. 


“Digital transformation” generally refers to the current trend of using technology to simplify processes and solve problems more efficiently. 


There are infinite examples of how a business might be making this transformation. Maybe they’re upgrading their manufacturing process with labor-saving robotic arms, or perhaps they’re leveraging data to better appeal to their customers’ needs. Or they might finally be trading in their typewriters for those cutting-edge Macintosh personal computers 😉.


With this concept allowing for such a truly broad spectrum of possible definitions, we want to know: what does digital transformation mean to you at your organization? What has your digitally transformative journey entailed? Or, how are you planning to make digital improvements over the coming months? 


We're asking this very broad question because our team is genuinely curious about what digital transformation means to our customers and partners. We may reach out to some of you who enter this contest to learn more!


Let us know in a comment on this post and be entered to win swag! Feel free to use video, diagrams, etc. to help illustrate your response.


How to enter

Submit your digital transformation thoughts in a comment on this blog post before 11 a.m. PST on Monday, August 19th. We’ll then draw three at random to win an exclusive new Meraki Community mug and a fancy Meraki pen (and what better way to celebrate digital transformation than with a pen)! Your entries will be public and visible throughout the contest.







The Fine Print


How important is privacy to you from a consumers' perspective?

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Digital Transformation is about more than improving IT systems and its processes. In the broadest sense, it means doing things differently in an increasingly connected world — using new mindsets, skillsets, technologies and data to benefit people and the economy.

Digital transformation will help people access personalised services when and where they need them, engage in decisions about issues they care about.

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It is the bread and the butter on New IT world technology!



digital transformation means an attempt to redesign a perfectly functional high performance wheel to take advantage of some new digital capability but until Revision 5 or more is reached understanding the wheel will still be a bit square shaped and give us a rougher ride until it is re-refined correctly. Whereas a new digital wireless camera feature will be added and the new wheel will becomes a bit square again.
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Digital Transformation to me means, using technology in new ways in which it wasn't used before and/or automating things that were previously done manually. It is something that is extremely relevant and at the pace that technology evolves in this day and age constantly changing. At my organization it is very important and we are working to try to automate things and use technology as efficiently as possible to better serve our customers and utilize everyone's time more efficiently.

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Digital Transformation is the changing of one's mindset, opening the world away from paper, pens, and notebooks to all those things electronic.  It is the idea of using the tools we already pose and use more effectively and efficiently, just as Social Media has changed the way we communicate and stay in touch.  We use the tools to transform our business and work to be a lifestyle of work and play, stop for a moment, help those or direct and back to play.  It is the way we live our lives and grow our relationships.  

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digital transformation in healthcare is and continues to be a big topic. Even though we are "paperless" it has increased the amount of paper we consume... somehow. Also it comes with a curve of teaching old dogs new tricks... ie if something is emailed, or digitally faxed teaching them they don't have to print it off to scan it into the system. For us we hope it does end in less paper going around, and more organization for the whole organization. 

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Streamline tasks and operations for improved efficiencies without losing focus on privacy and security.

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@Mish, I'm not quite sure what you mean, but feel free to PM me with more specifics on your question!

Digital transformation means a new way of thinking, producing, consuming, in order to make our day easier, all areas of the world economy have gone through and will still go through this process.📲📱💻
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Digital Transformation means opening the doors to greater opportunities, continuous improvement, time and flexibility. A great way to improve our customers satisfaction that meet their needs. With Digital Transformation we can find a greater platform to focus on our customers value and we are able to help them understand new technology. 


Asking what digital transformation means to an organization seems a bit difficult to pin down because different departments / silo's may have a different perspective on this, but I'll try my best. First, this is an old term and the first thing that comes to mind is moving from paper to digital files. However, if I ask myself that question again today without bias I have a different take on it. I think open source software, integration among platforms via API's, platforms like cloud architectures that allow ideas to hit the ground running without logistical hurdles to overcome. We're in a era where understanding technology applies to everyone. Even if a consumer has a smart thermostat then they have a use case for learning a programming language and how to use an API. The sense of empowerment that comes from that extends into the professional life as well where those that understand how all these things inter-operate are able to leverage technologies in ways never possible before. The ideas and inspiration from this environment I feel have reached all aspects of our modern world. I believe we have a more diverse and integrated global environment as a result but I also believe the youth need to be better prepared for it than they are.


Digital transformation is a modern-day replacement of anything that is fading to our eyes. Automation that can replace recurring steps or action to reduce human effort. It creates a faster world for us with no time for error. I remember there was a time you wait a month for the postal send a mail to where you can order anything and receive in hours.

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Digital Transformation for me is changing how we solve problems. It is the process by which we acquire and use tools that enable us to identify problems in either business or governance. It allows us to use tools that give us a better view of the resources we have, limited as it may be, and the issues that we have to solve with them, regardless of its complexity. Digital Transformation is not a cookie-cutter answer to everything but an enabler of what we can do for ourselves, for the people around us and the world that we interact with. It multiples our presence and reach to a point where only our creativity and imagination can limit us. Digital Transformation defines how our future will be, how we are part of it, how we lead, and how we contribute to humanity.


Digital Transformation, from my perspective, is the movement towards a new generation of technology that has started a few years back, but is now growing at a rapid pace. The previous of method of sharing information, through the use of paper and physical media, is no longer the standard. Digital Transformation allows one to share information, spread knowledge, and so much more through a click of a button. It gives us a better outlook on the world, with real-time information given instantly, rather than learning about a situation days later. It also makes better use of space and provides efficiency, as one could instantly find their information right way (rather than flipping through books or any other time consuming method.)


Automation, another large part of Digital Transformation, is moving the world towards a different direction. People can create products and solves problems in a short amount of time. For technology companies, automation and the ability to have a global view of their infrastructure, through a single program. Rather than the old method of configuring one device at a time and not being able to find issues quick.


In short, Digital Transformation is the present and the future. It would not solve every single problem we face, but I have no doubt it will have an even greater impact in the near future.



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Digital Transformation is a way to use the cloud more often to solve problems instead of buying infrastructures equipments to do it inhouse. It is a way to mitigate the cost.




It's all about thinking IT tools first.

Building a company and process and procedures with a digital mindset. 

It's a tough challenge to (old) people raised and born in the old world - the have to start with bringing young people to the team  - and respect and challenge them to build digital solutions (cloud, mobile, agile, user-friendly feedback driven...)


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I can't think of a better example of digital transformation than switching from paper charts to an EHR system  Moving 150,000 patient's records from paper is no small task.  This upgrade goes far beyond changing from pen and paper to computers because this is years and years (and years) of files that must be digitized.  This task was not a fun one but we no longer have to search warehouses of records to find the right charts.


I can only imagine what kind of ingenuity went into making a place like a Amazon warehouse, that's a whole nother ball game.

Kind of a big deal

Digital transformation is the future as we know it, manual tasks that can be done by computers will slowly replace human jobs. These are exciting times but we as humans needs to adapt so that we don't get lazy and make good use of the time that we have saved because of autonomy.