Hardware support for Meraki devices

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Hardware support for Meraki devices

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When you buy a dashboard licence with a Meraki AP, does this also include hardware support for the AP?

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Check out the F&Q for Licensing:



How does the hardware warranty relate to licensing?

The hardware warranty is tied to the hardware unit, not the license. Hardware that has a lifetime warranty (e.g., the MR24) is warranted for the life of the hardware. Hardware with a fixed-term warranty, (e.g., 1 year), has a 1-year warranty, regardless of the license.


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Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

Yes, the license includes replacement despatched (usually) next business day of any devices that fail


Edit - this is for internal models only, as @rwiesmann stated, external APs and antennas only have a 1 year warranty...

Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

@CarlT the answer is yes

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Kind of a big deal

For new, yes, but if you purchased used hardware then no the hardware warranty is not transferable. 


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And remember that if the warranty response time isn’t inline with your requirements, e.g. you want a 4 hour advance replacement (not something you’d normally want on an access point), or if the warranty is only for a year and you want to extend it, then you can get MerakiNow which is very similar to SmartNet in that it provides hardware replacement.

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