New MS250 switches / ipad issue

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New MS250 switches / ipad issue

hello everyone,


i installed 2 new ms250 switches and now i am seeing this error on some of my clients.


this particular client is an ipad that bounce up and down with its connection multiple times a day. 


other devices near it connect and stay connected just fine. 

2022-03-07 15_47_50-Clients - Meraki Dashboard.png

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Is the iPad wireless on a downstream switch & AP?

Yes it is. 


it goes Meraki MS250 > Cisco Aironet 2702 > iPad


the weird part is that there is another ipad in the office right beside it working fine. 

So one iPad is disconnecting and another is fine? Both connected to the same AP2702 & same SSID? Not sure how this would be a switch problem.

It started happening the day the switches went in... thats my only concern. 

Kind of a big deal

Is the iPad going to sleep? Are all of the iPads the same model and running the same OS?


Its likely the device is trying to save energy so reducing its network function when idle.
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