MS 225 routing

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MS 225 routing

We are using a MS225 as a Northbound switch for SDWAN.  Is it possible to have a tagged /29 LAN IP route traffic out an untagged /30 WAN IP?  Would it pass the vlan tagging out and require it coming in?

Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

It's a bit hard to get an exact understanding of what you're trying to achieve without a diagram of some sort.

By the sound of it though, you would have the 'untagged IP' on a separate vlan, then use an access port on that vlan to connect the device that you want to send untagged frames to. That would strip the tag for outbound traffic, and apply it on untagged inbound traffic.

Thanks Brash, I appreciate your willingness to help.  Basically we want to use the Meraki switch as a Northbound switch for SDWAN.  The Telco wants to assign a /30 subnet for WAN and a /29 for LAN.  The /30 would be essentially a point to point utilizing VLAN 1 so the traffic is untagged.  Then, we would use the /29 subnet for the VCE connectivity.  So, my real question is, who do I configure the /29 traffic that isnt on VLAN 1 to route out the /30 subnet?

Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

Just create two access ports.  Assign one port vlan1 and one port vlan2


Configure vlan1 the  /30 subnet.(this doesnt work because you also need a additional management ip for the switch)

Then configure vlan2 with the /29


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