Firmware Cancel option for Stable release

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Firmware Cancel option for Stable release

Hi all,


I read more articles about Meraki FW upgrade process but I've not so clear the option "cancel" about it.


I undestand that Firmware upgrade ca be rescheduled up to one mounth and you can reschedule it for more than one time.


But if you choose the Cancel option,  will this option stop the new firmware upgrade process?


I think there is a limit FW version after that is mandatory to schedule an upgrade. Is this correct ?








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I may be completely wrong on this, but in the past when I've hit cancel on a firmware update, I was never prompted on the firmware update until I scheduled it.


That being said, is there any particular reason why you wouldn't want to be on the latest stable? Only reason I've ever halted my firmware upgrade was because of schedule conflicts for our maintenance windows.

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Hi MR_IT_Guy and thanks for your reply.


The reason for my question is very similar to what you wrote, because I manage an Organization with more than two hundred switch and more APs and is not easy schedule a maintenence windows with final customer.


So, in many case I'must reschedule the upgrade (more than one time) or in others cases cancel the upgrade.


So I'would want be sure than there are not any downtime in the networks. For sure, I always try to keep updated all the devices of organization to the last stable release.



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If it is an auto scheduled firmware update then you have to call support to get it canceled I think.  Also if you schedule a firmware I don't believe you can cancel it once you get within like 30 minutes to 1 hours of the firmware update being applied.  

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Hi Adam,


what do you mean by "auto scheduled firmware update" ? Do you mean a firmware update proposed by Meraki Team followed by an alert email ?




Kind of a big deal

Since you mentioned having 200+ switches you may be interested to know about this if you don't already:


It can take the pain and risk away from needing to update all switches at once.

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Thanks spankym, I didn't know of this option. I check if could be an option to update my organization in more stages.


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You can ask the hotline for staged upgrades.

Then you will have the option in the menue.

It´s running  well.


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What happen if we don't want to go for the latest release? I mean, we all know it is a pain to get a proper window when we have 24 hour users and it is business critical, with Cisco we just leave a release running for more than 1 year without issues, even years if we don't need any new feature. 

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