Live video stream for biometric processing

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Live video stream for biometric processing

We have a requirement to send live realtime streams through our Biometric products to process manay to many face matching. In the past this was not possible as all video was stored locally on the cameras in contrast to traditional survaliance systems. However is sending a live direct video stream now possible?

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@danhosking  yes it was possible even before depending with the model of the MV you are using 


kindly find the link i have shared it will guide you on how to go about it

Thanks for that, I will see if it works with our application.

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The Meraki MX cameras do not support RTP streaming still.


The closet thing you can do is to use the MQTT protocol for people detection, and then the snapshot API to retrieve the content for further processing.

Thanks for that, that was what I thought. I see if the API will work, it may even reduce the pressure on the core application.

Kind of a big deal

Curious if you have tried this yet?

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