issues after updating firmware 16.16

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issues after updating firmware 16.16

Hi everybody!

some web pages are blocked after updating firmware from 15.44 to 16.16.

I tried to set the PC in the whitelisted policy to permit everything to this client but MX continue blocking some traffic like videos, web pages, whatsapp web, etc.

I disabled AMP, same result


I rolled back and is working now


I have MX84 and MX67


Anyone else having the same issue with their MX?

Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

Application recognition is now performed by NBAR which seems to be a little quirky currently. What kind of Layer 7 rules do you have in place? You should be able to find log entries by searching for NBAR too.

It is supposed that if I add the PC client to whitelist policy it should ignore any layer 7 rule, any bandwidth limit, any block.



before the upgrade it used to work like this. now, it doesn't matter if I put it in whitelist MX block content

Kind of a big deal
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