MX67C stops routing

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MX67C stops routing

When our WAN goes down it stops routing internal L3 traffic. There's no issue with L2 traffic, but all L3 traffic just stops. When it comes back up so does the L3 routing. Has anyone had a similar experience? 

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Hi @MMoss 

For us, this works.

Could you please try updating the firmware - if already not?

Kind of a big deal

Never had similar issues. I'd definitely open a case with Meraki support.

Kind of a big deal

I've not seen that issue.


Are you sure the whole MX is not going down (like loss of power or something)?  Perhaps spanning tree is blocking some ports on the switches being connected to (try and use a single connection from the MX to the next switch).

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These are very simple setups. A single MX with a single LAN port cables to the switch. The equipment is on a UPS and the buildings are on full building generators on top of that. I have 2 locations who went down due to the winter storms and both had had routing issues. 1 was a MX67C amd the other a MX67. Ill open a ticket when I'm back to work Monday since I'm on PTO, but figured I'd drop a quick forum post to see if anyone else had the issue

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