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MX Firewall - Africa


MX Firewall - Africa

Hello Guys..whats is the competetive displacement of meraki mx over fortinet..Some client are shying away from solution because it doesnt have antispam

feature,Please advice on how incan handle this so as to convince them

A model citizen

Re: MX Firewall - Africa

Hi Kennedy,


What features specifically is the MX missing? We can then help out a little more.


Check this link to see what included in the different licenses

Kind of a big deal

Re: MX Firewall - Africa

Tell you customers to use a cloud based email service like Office 365 of Google Business.  Don't try and do it in-house anymore.  Failing that, use their anti-spam filtering service (in the Office 365 case).


Then you have outsourced your SPAM functionality to organisations that are far more capable, and have people looking after it 24x7.

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