Beta version source IPsec tunneling question (Meraki support programming only)

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Beta version source IPsec tunneling question (Meraki support programming only)

Hi All,


Not sure if this should go under Security or Network-Wide but im interested to see if anyone else has worked with Meraki on source based routing out through a VPN tunnel yet. 


(send specific subnet through IPsec VPN and out the other sites internet) 


Weve tried Spoke to Hub with default route to other network and it works great.


(This is being used so that our clients phones keep the same public address so once an WAN outage occurs the VPN tunnel comes back up immediately on secondary circuit and allows the phones to continue going out using the same public IP address stopping the phone from having to re-register after 5 minutes.) 


Ive discussed with Meraki and it is possible to do source routing but they state it is in beta mode and we the administrators do not have the ability to program any of this as it is all done on the back end with a newer version firmware. 


My point to this is... Has anyone else tried this yet? Did it go well were there any struggles? 

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