Recycling the power cord bags

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Recycling the power cord bags

Don't throw away the bags that the power cord come in.   Put your surplus rack screws and hardware in them and hang them in the rack.


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Those bags look way to sexy to be holding just loose screws and bolts! 

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Right?! Our antennas came in the same bags and for "packaging" they are way too nice! 

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Those bags are awesome.

The bags are very Hipster looking. Beats the standard clear plastic bag

We do the same thing around here! Our rack screws have never been in a more better looking place (Other than our rack of course)

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Good use for them!

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excellent Idea using the bags to store the cage nuts and screws. I also use one to store my ink pins and a screw driver in my bookbag.

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Are the bags food grade? I could use them to make cold brew coffee if they are

I was using one for a sunglasses bag for a while, when I misplaced my original case. I've since found the original but it was a good substitute when I needed it 🙂
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Christmas is coming.

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Power cable bags are good for random cables in your go-bag. (Cisco console cable, micro-USB, power cable for my laptop charger.)


Not good for hand-embroidery, as the weave is very very fine and you're going to drive yourself nuts trying to cover any amount of surface. It's also very firm and you will stab yourself due to needing a sharp needle and forgetting your thimble. I did try though. I wanted to label with pretty colors vs. bad sharpie handwriting.


I suspect they'd take ink stamping very well, so long as you put something absorbent in the bag to prevent bleed-through.


Stacking cable bags hold small knitting projects. I've thought about using one to hold my common screwdrivers, with a couple of paperclips slipped through a few warp threads.


Power-injector bags are good for dice bags.


Who's guessed I work for a VAR and have a heap of these things?

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Ha thats funny - we've done the same using the bags to hold cage nuts and bolts in the cabs 😄


Moved on to using them to store our spare connection cables as well.


Don't change these bags Meraki! We love them keep up the high quality!!


Those bags are so good. I use one of them to take my laptop charger in my backpack saving it to have a lot of knots.

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I got bunch of these bags without Meraki printings from AP antennas. Since these are nice clean fabric bag, quite good for packing little presents!

i have 3 of these in my laptop carry bag. one for usb cords, one for power adapter and one for network cables. I used some store bought dye to make them different colors. Keeps everything nice and tidy. Plus because of the different colors finding the right cables is quick and easy

If you like these bags the stacking cables also come in much bigger bags!

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I'd certainly like to see the home died ones @GypsyXG if you can share ?

Tie-dye would be cool!

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There's always fights in our office when these bags arrive into the office.

In my case my useful items live in a pair of these bags on my laptop bag:

One contains a Leatherman (UK laws mean locking blades shouldn't be carried on the person)
The other contains Mini crowbars, jiggle keys, Mini Jim and a captive nut tool for those days when you are  fighting with cabinets (the jiggle keys are when the wrong keys are supplied for cabinets.)

My regular bag has a Meraki bag with a fountain pen, pencil and a bottle of ink

Gratuitous pics attached (DC cabinet work tools and EDC bag contents)Cabinet work bagCabinet work bagFancy thingsFancy things

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Great idea!

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I posed the question of what to do with these at another community. Suggestions ranged from cable bags/parts bags to dice bags and shoe fresheners. So far I just have a big stack of them in a box...
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A fight breaks out in our office when some of these become available!
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I have given some to my 3 yr old son. He puts his hot wheels cars in them. Useful for vacation and plane rides so he doesn't lose them.

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