Capture the Flag! [Now extended through July 17!]

Meraki Employee
Meraki Employee

Capture the Flag! [Now extended through July 17!]

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UPDATE: The games have begun! Capture the Flag is now open to everyone. Customer Connection program or Meraki community membership are no longer required. Dates extended through July 17th! Register using the links below. Good luck!


As a part of Cisco Live US auxiliary programs, we invite you to learn new technologies and obtain hands-on experience in a gamified way by joining us with Capture the Flag (CTF)


Get ready to roll up your sleeves for interesting one-of-a-kind challenges in the form of missions, based on use-cases, technologies and solutions around different architectures. Top performers will be tracked and recognized on the platform’s leaderboard, which gives you bragging rights that you can share on your social networks! 


There will be 3 independent, parallel CTF games running from July 06 - to July 17, 2020. 

  • - Enterprise Networking (EN) CTF
  • - Meraki CTF
  • - Data Center (DC) CTF


What can the participants expect: 


EN CTF - contains missions around designing, operating and troubleshooting with Cisco DNA Assurance & Automation, SD-Access, SD-WAN, DNA Spaces, ISE, Programmability, etc.


Meraki CTF -  contains missions around using Cisco Meraki Dashboard, implementing & interpreting - Wifi6, Security & Routing, SD-WAN configurations, leveraging API resources, etc.


DC CTF - contains missions around designing, operating and troubleshooting multi-cloud networking environments using DC Technologies - start with ACI Anywhere to understand how to create an automated network with consistent policies on-premises or even in the cloud. Then, learn how to evolve Day 2 Operations from reactive to proactive using Cisco Network Assurance and Insights Suite.


Register on the CTF portals corresponding to your interest.

- EN CTF -

- Meraki CTF -

- DC CTF -


Remember to save the dates July 06 - to July 17* on your calendar! You can spend from some minutes to several hours playing CTF; we have enough content to keep you engrossed. Furthermore, you have the flexibility to spend as much time as you would like. Leave anytime, then come back later to continue from where you left.


Are you ready for it?



*Dates to Remember

UTC - July 06 - 0000 to July 17 - 2539

EDT - July 05 - 2000 to July 17 - 1959

PDT - July 05 - 1700 to July 17 - 1659



Leonardo Sambrana

CSE | Cisco Meraki


p.s. Don’t forget to use tags #CiscoLive and #CiscoCTF when sharing on social!

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A model citizen


Dakota Snow | Network-dad Linkdedin
Check out The Bearded I.T. Dad onThe Bearded I.T. DadThe Bearded I.T. Dad

I had the chance to participate at Cisco Live Barcelona. CTF is so much fun and highly recommended! 😎

We have more tasks and more missions this time. Join us again. 

Sounds like even more fun, then. You got me, I‘m in 😉

I´m excited to see so much interested in that. Share with your co-workers, partners and customers. Looking forward to seeing you next week. 

best regards.



lol @Network-dad 

Here to help

Sounds like fun!

A model citizen

didn't try it in Barcelona...let's play this time!

Here to help

Certainly looking forward to more Missions 🙂


Hi Bro;

Links are mark as a virus, are there any reason ? Could you help me in order to register.


After that, you can pre-register on the CTF portals corresponding to your interest.

- EN CTF -

- Meraki CTF -

- DC CTF -

Here to help

Learning by doing, I like it!

My vacation is saved 🙂

Getting noticed

Not a bad morning, 2nd place for the Meraki CTF so far.

Building a reputation

I really enjoyed that CTF, wasted 2 hints which were unnecessary.

But i really had fun, first time playing around with APIs, slept at 2am but i managed to finish, the Proctors were a great help to.


we need level 3 and onward

@route_map Glad to hear that. Thanks for playing and I'm happy you enjoyed it. Share with our team and partners!!


We will have a level three eventually.


See you. 

Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal



Great bit of fun.  Disappointed with 19th but I wasted two hints.  Also disagreed with the answer for question 2 on the first mission which is poorly worded.  There are more than 2 VLAN's configured for the San Francisco network (2 on the MX and about 5 on the Switches).  Maybe thats just me being picky 🙂

Darren OConnor |

I'm not an employee of Cisco/Meraki. My posts are based on Meraki best practice and what has worked for me in the field.

I went through the switches as well, had them all written out, ready to put them all as well.  

Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

Yep - I had a right old whinge at the Game Proctors.  It was late and I was grumpy for having wasted a few minutes doing the right thing 🙂

Darren OConnor |

I'm not an employee of Cisco/Meraki. My posts are based on Meraki best practice and what has worked for me in the field.

@DarrenOC I hear you, sir. You're not the only who mentioned this confusion about the VLAN and this will be rewritten. thanks for playing and share with your team.


Thank you. 

Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

Yeah, that was definitely fun to play. Only had problems with one wording and a wrong network in the task (which is corrected by now).


But: Are there more missions to come? I'm looking every five minutes but no more missions show up ... 😞

@KarstenI Thank you for playing. We will have a level 3 anytime soon. but not that soon. 🙂

Share with your teams.



Alright, I'll increase my check-frequency to 15 minutes ... 😉

Here to help

I'm yet to kick-start the game . I see top scores already   . Coming y'all 🙂

Here to help

For some reason i cant even register for the CTF . 

The "Register Account" button doesnt do anything after entering my information .

Did any one experience same issue ? Is it a known problem ?

Hi Step. We have not seen reports from anybody else about this issue. Can you please check whether all the fields are completed as per the requirement? Some fields may be highlighted in red border if the do not conform to expected pattern requirements - for example password must be 8+ chars. You can even try another browser. Let us know how it goes.

All fields are correctly filled .No red highlights on any field. It's the 2nd time i tried registering. I tried to pre-register and had the same experience . So i wanted until it has started and it still doesn't work . 

please try other browser


or if possible please join the support channel

1. Go to
2. Enter your name and email address.
3. Enter the session password: letsplayMeraki



A model citizen

Going to CTF today with some colleagues 😎  let the internal battle begin!

Meraki Employee
Meraki Employee

Thanks Leo!
Greeting from Victor Hernandez
New here

Bom dia Leosambrana! tudo bem?

Por favor, poderia informar qual a previsão de um novo CTF, gostaria muito de participar.

Márcio Baesse - TLFBR

bom dia @MarcioBaesse 


Obrigado pelo interesse. Até o presente momento o CTF só era realizado em eventos especificos. Estamos trabalhando para entregar, sob demanda, sempre que um SE Cisco solicitar em pequenos eventos de parceiros e/ou treinamentos. Em breve estará disponivel para esta finalidade. 

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