Systemmanager App Push only in Wifi

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Systemmanager App Push only in Wifi

Hey Guys,


is it possible to push apps only if the device is connected to a Wifi network?


I don't want to use the users Cellular Data for updating any apps.


Device OS: Android 6-8, iOS11 and some Windows Phones.



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Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

@Niklas2 Yes you can enable a cellular payload into settings. There is more information about this here




@BlakeRichardsonThanks for your Help.


So it is only possible to enable the cellular payload for the APPs on iOS?

What about Android?

And if i choose an APP on  iOS Network Usage Rules, and disable "Allow Cellular Data" so its impossible to use the APP without Wifi or can we use the APP with Cellular but only Updates per Wifi?


Thanks in advance.

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