System Manager will not add devices

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System Manager will not add devices

I have a System Manager portal built and shows ready to add Windows and TVOS devices. When I try to open the devices page in returns to ready to added devices page. I have tried to to add through a download and install of the agent as well as install from URL. I do get a message that the device already exists on subsequent installation attempts. I do not see anything the the event logs.

Meraki Employee
Meraki Employee

@donh_sbht Please let me know what error you get when you attempt to enroll the device. Refer to the documentation to check if device is being enrolled correctly.

I am not receiving any error status on installing the Windows client from the downloaded agent. If I have installed the agent then try to connect using the web url with enrollment code I get the message the device is already enrolled. I am not seeing any information in the logs. 

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