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Two questions:


1. Can the Meraki SM provide config option for non-compliant devices which should not be granted access to the enterprise network.    


2. Non-compliant devices may be held in a captive portal that provides access to remediate non-compliance? Is this doable with Meraki?


3. Can Meraki incorporate with device management (Microsoft Intune)  

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Head in the Cloud

Hi @Slider 


I understand MDM Sentry Policies Feature may help here.

Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

1. Sentry is key, just as Ajit mentioned

2. Can be achieved by using policies, yes

3. I don‘t quite understand. Systems Manager IS device management, why would you need Intune on top?

Thank you both, Intune may come into play with the meraki platform excluding SM. Hence i wanted to know if Intune can integrate with Meraki?


I too am not sure what you mean by 'integrate with Meraki'

What are you looking to achieve, through integration?


If you are looking to have something to do with the status of a device, as known by Intune (maybe "this device is jailbroken") have some effect on how that device is treated by a Meraki network - maybe denied access or allowed access to Internet only - that would probably be through some kind of interaction between Intune and a RADIUS server (MS NPS, maybe?), used for authentication of those devices, when they connect - and which can also perform Change of Authorisation (CoA).    Meraki supports the RADIUS/802.1x + CoA element of that, but there would be no direct Meraki interaction with Intune.   I'm also not sure if NPS supports CoA...

Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

A device can be controlled by a single MDM.  So you can use either Intune or Meraki Systems Manager - but not both at the same time.  They are mutually exclusive.


Microsoft Intune has zero integration with Cisco Meraki.

I think what @Slider  is asking is can he use another MDM while using Meraki equipment. The answer is yes, we use Meraki SM for our iOS and TVOS devices and Jamf for our MacOS devices. 


As mentioned already devices can only be managed by one MDM at a time though for example you can't have an iPad managed by both intune and Meraki SM at the same time.

A model citizen

Using Meraki Hardware (Switch, AP, Firewall etc) with Intune as MDM is absolutely possible.

Integration depends on how deep you want to go with integration.


You can connect your Firewall with your Azure Active Directory and therefore push some certificates through Intune which will coop with Meraki hardware.


That's my understanding of your third question.

Getting noticed

Thank you thats what i was looking for as an answer.

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