OEMConfig support coming?

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OEMConfig support coming?

Hello all,

Does anyone know if there will be OEMConfig support for SM coming in the near future?  I imagine it would cover both iOS and Android, although that is worth noting as well.  



In case this is an unknown topic, please take a look at the next version of 'AppConfig'.  There is a lot of information out there and applications that are currently being released have this support built in for this method of setting key-values in apps.  


For general info:  OEMConfig supports nested key-value pairs.  So app settings can drill down under a general topic and get very granular.  Great if the settings are for a SIP dialer or other complex apps with lots of settings.  


SM does not currently appear to have support for it, as it does not seem to pick up any settings listed in the restrictions file inside the app.  I've not tried to add the settings manually for an app that supports it, although I may need to in the coming days.  


Does anyone have more information on this topic (for SM)? 



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