Meraki Management now easily removable under iOS 11

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Meraki Management now easily removable under iOS 11


Anyone else spotted that in location services now, the user has the option to turn off location for the meraki app even though location services is greyed out to turn off?


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Kind of a big deal

Did not notice but thanks for the heads up.

A model citizen

I manage about 120 IPADs, so i just enable the restrictions with a code that isn't known, so that location can not be tinkered with 

Hi Mike

Yes we lock out restrictions to be changed, but under location services, even though it is locked to be switched off, if you then click on Meraki in the menu, you can still set it to Never or While using app.  This cannot be locked.  It seems it is a new feature in iOS11


AHHHH i see what you are talking about now ,, well that is definitely not cool 

Hi, any news here? I'm new to Meraki and have just set up a view iPads. However, this was one of the first things I noticed. Is there a way to prevent that users can deactivate location services for individual apps?

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