Meraki Admin and the maps

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Meraki Admin and the maps

Recently we've noticed that within Meraki Admin, when you click on a device, it no longer zooms the Google map into the location of the device. It just "remembers" the last location you were looking at. So you have to zoom right out to find the bubble. Then instead of it zoom in to where the bubble is, it zooms into where you previously were, so you have to drag until you get to the bubble.


REALLY annoying. Have Google changed the way their maps API works and you haven't updated the code to reflect this so we're getting this odd behaviour? Or is something else broken?


And how long before a device switches to being traced via GPS? I've turned off WIFI on my mobile now, leaving only GPS on. Yet 20 mins later Meraki is still trying to trace me via IP.

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Good question 🙂

Getting noticed

It's been 36 mins since Meraki decided to check my phones location (via IP despite me having turned WIFI off). So 36mins since switching to GPS. Why does Meraki seem to take forever to refresh or switch over to other location search methods?


Map still not working properly with the automatic zoom when clicking the bubble.


And a correction. When zooming in, the map zooms into the centre. Still makes it infuriating to use the map now.

The map on Meraki for some reason has trouble either getting to the right spot or pinning the location at times. I keep wondering why that happens.

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I have the same issue, not that I don't enjoy scrolling around the USA to find the machines but yet another feature that does not work.



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yeah I've noticed i get more accurate results when my WiFi is on even if not connected
Getting noticed

No one from Meraki at all? Is this forum community only? Been several days now with the WIFI off on my work phone yet Meraki still insists on searching for it via IP address so all known locations are wrong.

Another week almost gone, still nothing from Meraki. I've had more "prize" messages than answers.

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Meraki Employee

Hi @stevenwhiting @DN  @kYutobi  @Richard_W  @Cmiller 


  1. SM was experiencing an issue where device locations were being cached, resulting in the device map initially zooming in on previous device locations, or defaulting to a zoomed out map. We released an update yesterday which appears to have corrected this behavior.  Can you please confirm?
  2. Device location tracking via GPS has the following requirements:
    a) Location Service privileges are enabled for the SM app
    b) SM app is open and running in the background

    If both of these conditions are met, and you are continuing to have issues, please open a support case so that a representative can track this issue for you and supply the SM engineering team with the correct device/log information. 


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@Kevin_C I just checked mine as I have previously noticed this behavior and every iPad I checked, immediately zoomed in to the correct map location.


Please let the team know we appreciate the fix.



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Yes, now works for me too. I had to wait as all my remote teams were in town for the last couple of days.

Hi Kevin


Thanks for the reply. The maps are now working, the GPS location still isn't even though the SM app has the correct permissions on the phones and runs in the background.


We'll raise a ticket.

Anyone having issues with the maps just showing the world and not the device?

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@Richard_W I haven't seen any issues with devices and the maps today.

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I have these issues mostly when using Safari, on what browser are you?

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@beks88 I use Chrome for the most part. I don't recall seeing any issues with Safari on my MacBook.

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@beks88 Safari too.


this is what I'm getting:


where in the world is Carmen's computer?where in the world is Carmen's computer?

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I just fired up my MacBook running Mojave and I'm having no issues with maps and locations. 


What type of devices are these you are having issues with and are location services turned on for them?

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Nothing changed bar devices, all have locations services on prior.


Just a new oddity I was wondering if it is me alone, affected.


The location presented is correct but then the map zooms way out, by itself, manually zooming in: it is the approximate location but no marker on the map of the device. Weird.


This is my point of view :D, latest Safari and Mojave. Doesn't matter what device. On Firefox fe I don't have this issue.

Bildschirmfoto 2019-07-15 um 21.48.48.png


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Well unless your devices are in a stationary orbit over the North Pole, yeah there's an issue.

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apparently my and @beks88 machines are in orbit…

Of course fine in Chrome, escalated to engineering…



According to engineering this is a client issue. I have stock Safari Version 12.1.1 (14607. running on macOS 10.14.5 (18F132) and have this issue. NO plug-ins.


Test on another Mac, similar specs and same issue.


What is your set up? And any resolution on your end?

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@Richard_W Fired up my MacBook and I have the same Safari and MacOS versions and my devices are now in a stationary orbit over the North Pole. 


If I use Chrome on the same MacBook the map displays locations correctly. 

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@vassallon Yes I too have no issues in Chrome, but Safari is my preferred browser. I'm struggling to see how this is a "client" issue and not a coding error from Meraki.

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@Richard_W Doing some digging with the Developer tools in Safari makes me agree with you.  


Console errors regarding Google Maps APIConsole errors regarding Google Maps API

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OSX 10.4.5

Safari 12.1.1


We don't use the map as much, so we haven't opened a case. But will open a case and link to this thread so it hopefully gets resolved soon.

as per my case:


"I will try to recreate this in our lab environment. I will keep you up to date as soon as I get some more data."


Well at least it is now a thing.

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I opened a case as well and pulled some console logs from Safari which I sent along as well but here was my last response:



Hi Nathan,


Thanks for the information. I have reported this issue to our internal team for further investigation and will update you as soon as we get additional information.


Thank you,

Cisco Meraki Support

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Yep and it's still not fixed 😞

and I have this to share:


"Our development team is currently working on it however there are no updates from them at this time. I will update you as soon as I receive new information from our development team."


Found another issue on Safari, I have this issue a bit longer, but haven't reported it yet


Follow up thread

I'm seeing exactly the same with iOS devices.  The location address is displayed, but the map data is wrong.

Still waiting for a solution from Support; not a major issue but still…


Hey guys,


I want to keep you all updated on this. I checked with our team and it seems like our developers are looking into this and there are no updates available at this moment. @Richard_W  we are sorry for any inconvenience you might be going through, please give us some time while we work on this and the support engineer you are working with will get back to you once an update is available. Thank you for your cooperation.


Best regards,



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Just recognized, the map is showing now a correct map and location and it does not zoom out to nirvana anymore.


OSX 10.14.6

Safari 12.1.2


Anyone can confirm?

me too, yay… finally.

Appears to be working again but broken again the other day. Although fixed now most of our phones, Meraki still appears to insist on tracking them via the IP address which is MASSIVELY inaccurate. Can't seem to force it to only scan them via GPS.

I logged a ticket regarding the IP vs GPS location a few weeks back, and was told it's broken on Android 8.x. That matches up with what I've noticed, none of our 8.1 devices can report location by GPS. I did not get a timeframe for a fix.

Well at least we know it's broken then I guess and not our setup.

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