Kiosk Mode on Samsung XCover 4s mit Android 9 not Working

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Kiosk Mode on Samsung XCover 4s mit Android 9 not Working

Hi All,


Does somebody already using Kiosk Mode in Android 9 Version? We have a Profile pushing the Samsung 4s in Kiosk Mode with 4 different Apps but none is Showed! If i exit the Kiosk Mode all apps are installed and working perfekt. If I go back in Kiosk Mode Kiosk Mode is running but there are no Apps Showed. Even if I completely Factory reset the Phone and deploy it again. The Phone are in device Owner Mode. We have a lot of Samsung 4 with Android 7 and there it is working perfekt!


Thanks for any Help on this.

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Meraki Alumni (Retired)
Meraki Alumni (Retired)

Hello Michel, please log this as a support case and copy the case number here. 


Freundliche Grüße


Noah Salzman

Product Manager for Meraki SM

Hi Noa


Just did it 🙂


Cisco Meraki Case 0435191


Thanks Michel

Hi Noah,


We just found out that the Problem only happen if you rollout a Phone witch is already in the Device List. (Has ben rollout before) If you delete the device in the Dashboard and you factory Reset the Phone it works perfect. I updated the Case with pictures and all the necessary comments.


Regards Michel

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