Install AFW Account error

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Re: Install AFW Account error

So, I did successfully sideload SM and got the AFW account to install.

However, the device still gets caught in the startup cycle I described once I power it down and restart it.

So, I guess it was partially successful, but it still seems like the SM install effectively bricks the device.

Any thoughts?

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Re: Install AFW Account error


Re: Install AFW Account error

I Still has this issue in 2019... I can solve it by doing the following :


On the system manager > Monitor > Overview --> Click on Sync button next to Android Enterprise Apps

Save it, reload the settings in Meraki SM app on the phone


Second is :


System Manager > Monitor > Devices

click on youre device, Edit details and change the owner. Save it

Change the owner back in details to the original one and reload the settings in Meraki SM.

Click on the triangle again and it should be working.



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Re: Install AFW Account error

I struggled with this for awhile, so wanted to pass on how I overcame it.


I was having an issue where the profile would be pushed and everything would be successful, except I couldn't install the AFW, so none of the authorized apps in the Play Store would download (the user didn't have an Android Enterprise account). I finally noticed that, when I looked at the device owner in System Manager > Owners, he had three of the red G symbols next to his name, indicating he had many Android Enterprise accounts. 


I deleted the owner, created him again, wiped the phone, and when I authenticated with his user, AFW installed and all of the apps in the Play Store finally downloaded.

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Re: Install AFW Account error

We were enrolling devices in Device Owner Mode option A (When prompted for a Google account during device setup, enter afw#meraki. This will automatically install the SM app.) And we encountered this issue described here. We were unable to deploy any apps on the managed phones due to that.


After several attempts, we tried enrolling devices using Device Owner mode option B (In the device's setup wizard, tap the screen 6 times then scan this QR code. The SM app will be auto-installed and auto-enroll the device in the default Network.) and this worked for us.


The issue seems to be related to the version of Play services on newer phones.

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