google chrome proxy mode

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google chrome proxy mode

Hi All,

I'm trying to push proxy settings to chrome browser on my mobile with android 8.

i set up in profile-> Managed App -> google chrome > key "proxy mode" = use fixed proxy server and in key "proxyserver"=ip:port of my proxy server. 


When i try to update, this profiles is not updated and i don't know why. on the device profiles i have "no" in up-to-date? column.


Where i can see some error messages why this profile can be updated?


can someone tell me what is the correct setup for proxy settings?


all users must use proxy server for http and https  via Anyconnect but i want to give them direct access to whats up.


Thank you





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Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

Have you tried speaking to support, I haven't had much to do with Android devices in SM but if your not getting the expected result I would open a support case.



Comes here often

If you have chosen fixed server proxy mode, then as per my opinion you can easily specify further options in 'URL of proxy server' only the HTTP proxy server with the highest priority is available for ARC-apps. If you are facing an issue in Google Chrome like browser ERR_CACHE_MISS issue then I recommend connecting with Chrome support experts.

I use Google Chrome all the time. I am facing many errors in it. But every problem has its own solution. Since yesterday, I am facing err_cache_miss message. I am unable to find a solution. Plz, share the solution if any.

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