Does Apple Cache Server work with Meraki hosted .ipa file?

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Does Apple Cache Server work with Meraki hosted .ipa file?

If not, what should we do with our ~100 custom apps (Meraki hosted .ipa) we have upload?



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Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

I don't understand the problem you are having.  Can you elaborate?

According to Meraki's document, it says:

Caching Services

If deploying apps in bulk, stagger the app downloads or have users self-install using the above self-service deployment to avoid congesting the network. An even better option is to configure a local Apple caching server for your app installs to avoid uplink congestion. For Mac and Windows app installs, you can configure a locally hosted web server to point your software installer links as well.

For more information on Apple Caching services, visit the following link here.


I have setup a Mac with Caching Service, but i'm wondering how does the Caching Service work with Meraki, when adding iOS apps to Meraki System Manager, there is an option "upload .ipa file" and I have uploaded hundreds of apps.

Getting noticed

AFAIK, Caching service servers content from Apple Servers only.

You could use a CDN (like Amazon CloudFront) and an Amazon S3 bucket to host the source files.  Cheap.  Fast.  Easy.

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