Cant Remove MDM Profile from iOS Device

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Cant Remove MDM Profile from iOS Device



An iOS device with a MDM profile loaded on it has stopped functioning, The phone is still visible on the device page but shows 0 connectivity. The profile is non-removable from the device as I enabled the setting for staff to not be able to remove it. 


I need to keep the information on the device so wiping it will not work. 


I cannot send a command to try and reinstall the profile. The "Actions" section is blank. 


Is there a way to remove the MDM profile from the device without wiping the device? 

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Kind of a big deal



I believe as there is no dashboard activity the answer is no, especially with the restriction in place to not allow profile removal.


I would suggest opening a case with support just to confirm this suspicion though. 

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@MilanVuletic  Is the device enrolled in DEP or did you manually enrol it into SM?


What if you try going to and entering your unique code and seeing if that might work, i doubt it but its worth a shot. Perhaps delete it from the dashboard before you try that. 

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