CSV export should be on every page with a a list :(

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CSV export should be on every page with a a list :(

I have found two places so far:

 - Systems Manager > Apps > 'Select your App' > Clients in scope

 - Systems Manager > Network Summary


Anyone else have a place they would like to see these?

Thank you,
Peter James

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A model citizen

Network-wide > Clients >Selected Client > Show details....


Would be great to export that list 🙂

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Head in the Cloud

Also, it should be able to export the ENTIRE list, not just the current page you are viewing.
BHC Resorts IT Department

@BHC_RESORTS This is possible.


If you select nothing, it will export the entire list. If you select items, switch pages and select more - It will export all that is selected across the pages.

Thank you,
Peter Jmaes



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