Bundling licenses for a longer term

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Bundling licenses for a longer term

Hi All, does anyone know how to bundle licenses as mentioned below? Need a term longer than 5yrs.




Kind of a big deal

Pretty sure you can buy say a 5 year license, add that to you dashboard and then add another license on top of that but as a renewal just don't add it as additional licensing.


I would check with your reseller first though. May I ask why you need more than 5 years given you can renew before that 5 years expires?

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Wouldn't claiming the license as a renewal on top of the 5yr affect everything when using co-term? SME is not the only product in use.


Just trying to see if it is possible to get 7yrs instead of 5yrs based on the request and the wording in the document. I've never seen the mention of bundling licenses to get a longer term for anything else so I was curious how that would be done.

Yes good point on co-term, would most likely only been supported with device based licensing. I would ask support and get and answer straight from the horses mouth. 


I wouldn't recommend doing this with MX appliance though because 7 years is a long time and technology will change alot between now and then. MX license is bound to the model its not a general license like MR or MV. 

Meraki CMNO, Ruckus WISE, Sonicwall CSSA, Allied Telesis CASE & CAI

Good point on the MX. 


I will reach out to support and see what they have to say. Thanks.

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