AT&T calling issues after SM installation

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AT&T calling issues after SM installation

We recently ported from Verizon to AT&T deploying 371 iPhone 13's with Meraki System Manager.  Previously on Verizon we had SM deployed to devices with a basic configuration profile, CSC/Umbrella, and O365 account configuration along with approximately 7 apps.  After porting to AT&T we have installed the same profile to the new iPhone 13's.  We are now experiencing calling issues on the phones with the following intermittent symptoms:


  • Inability to receive calls
  • Inability to place calls
  • Voicemails arriving late (hours to days after left) with no missed call showing
  • Inability to use personal hot spot

Previously there were no issues with SM or this settings profile on the iPhones with Verizon.


We have drilled this issue down to stem from SM or the basic profile by the following:

  1. Removed changed CSC configuration to audit mode
  2. Removed CSC/Umbrella from configuration
  3. Removed SM (issues cleared once MDM was removed)
  4. Re-installed SM and basic profile (issues returned)


I do not see any settings which would govern any type of cellular connection.  There appears to be some type of compatibility issue between AT&T and SM.  Has anyone experienced this issue?

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Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

Does AT&T use LTE over WiFi (and maybe your old carrier didn't)?  If so, maybe something is interfering with that packet stream.

We have WiFi calling disabled.  This issue exists over cellular connection.

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