SM - Systems Manager Agent v3.1.0 Available on macOS and Windows

Systems Manager Agent v 3.1.0 is now generally available for download on Windows and macOS devices in all SM networks.  In this new release, the agent moves to a network-agnostic form factor which is important for a variety of reasons including:

  • Increased security
  • Better license consumption protection
  • Enhanced future feature velocity


This update also represents a significant change to the enrollment workflow on target devices.  Similar to the enrollment workflows on other currently supported device platforms, SM Agent v3.1.0 prompts for the SM network ID or network enrollment string during installation.  This information can be passed as a parameter if installing via script or group policy for seamless silent installation.


SM admins have the ability to manage the preferred version of the agent used for all devices in their networks, or upgrade/downgrade the agent on specific devices.  For more information about how to manage agent versions check out this Documentation article.


To read about the changes and updates in each Agent release, check out this Documentation article.

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