SM - New profile for Android: Google Play Store App Auto Update Policy

A new profile for Android was just released allowing more granular control over how the Google Play Store sends app updates to Systems Manager managed devices.


Screen Shot 2022-01-26 at 9.22.13 AM.png


This allows administrators to configure Android managed apps to be in 3 different auto-update mode policy states: 


Default - In this mode, the device needs to meet certain criteria to automatically update the app, and it will happen at some point (uncontrolled) within a 24 hours period of the new app update becoming available on the Google Play Store. The criteria for the device to update: device has an active WiFi connection to the Play Store, device is charging, device is idle, and the app to be updated is not running in the foreground. 

Postpone - When using the Postpone mode, the app will not be automatically updated during 90 days after it first became out of date. After this 90-day period, the latest available version of the app is automatically installed with the default update behavior. After the app is updated to the latest available version, a new 90-day postponement period will begin the next time the developer publishes a new version of the app.

High Priority - When using the High priority mode, the app is updated, as soon as possible, after the developer publishes the new version and it has been reviewed by Google Play. If the device is offline then, the app will be immediately updated the next time the device is connected to the internet.


Full documentation here