New! MS Firmware Upgrade Status

Keeping track of your firmware update isn’t a glamorous task, but it’s a necessary one that can consume bandwidth you probably don’t have. Perhaps you’ve checked out the improved Staged Upgrades feature, but how can you monitor upgrade progress at the individual switch level? “Does this switch have an upgrade scheduled?”, “Does anything need my attention?”. These are the common questions we all have when updating. 🤔


We now have per-device upgrade status for each switch in a network.


Rolled out on Oct 31st (no trick, only the treat!), firmware upgrade status provides context on the upgrade status for each switch in a network, to reassure admins that firmware upgrades are progressing as scheduled. Update status flags will appear automatically for all switch networks whenever an upgrade is scheduled or in progress. 👏




The status flags are:

  1. Pending: This indicates that a firmware upgrade that includes this switch has been scheduled to take place, but that the scheduled time has not yet arrived.
  2. Started: This indicates that the scheduled time has arrived and that the switch will begin the upgrade.
  3. Completed: After the upgrade starts, the completed flag will appear when the first of the following two situations occurs:
    • The switch appears back online in Dashboard running the upgraded version of firmware, or:
    • 30 minutes has passed since the scheduled upgrade time.
  4. Canceled: This status appears only if the switch belongs to a staged upgrade group whose upgrade stage has been canceled as part of a rollback. It remains until the staged upgrade rollback is complete.
  5. Skipped: This flag indicates that the switch has a firmware version locked by Meraki support and will not be upgraded.

So your upgrade completed, now what? There are two additional “bonus” pieces that work together with firmware upgrade status:


Firmware version column

The firmware version column on the switch list page will also reflect the firmware version status during and after the upgrade. In this fashion, you can see at a network level how an upgrade is progressing, and after the upgrade you can tell whether any individual switch needs additional attention if it wasn’t able to complete the upgrade:




Staged upgrade group statuses

If you happen to be running a staged firmware upgrade, you’ll also notice that the switch upgrade status flags match the flags that indicate the status of the upgrade group stages during the upgrade:





Need more information? ℹ️

Please see the documentation page for more information.