New Alerts for the Mobile App

You asked, we listened! Many of you asked for more alerts in the mobile app to stay informed while away from the dashboard. We are excited to announce that we have added the top 11 requested alerts to keep you in the know while on the go! Many of the alerts not only tell you that something happened, they now tell you specifically what happened so you can stay updated at a glance. 


Here are some of the top benefits of the new alerts: 


  1. Learn when configuration changes happen and exactly what changed. 
  2. Know when a rogue AP is detected so you can take action.
  3. Get informed when network usage exceeds a set threshold so you can do something about it while there is still time. 
  4. Notify your security teams when alerted that Malware has been blocked.
  5. Get alerts via push notifications as you move through your day. 

image (4).pngimage (5).png


New alerts include:


  • Configuration settings changed
  • A rogue AP is detected
  • Network usage exceeds set threshold
  • A gateway becomes a repeater
  • Clients fail to connect to the wireless network
  • Uplink IPv6 duplicate address detected
  • The primary uplink status changes
  • The DHCP lease pool is exhausted
  • An IP conflict is detected
  • Cellular connection state changes
  • Malware is blocked


All listed alerts are on Mobile App version 4.56.0 available today!

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