MT sensor family expands with MT14 and MT30!

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Introducing MT14 and MT30!

Effectively monitoring physical environments requires understanding far more than what can be seen. Meraki MT sensors already provide valuable insights to help customers reduce unplanned network downtime, prevent asset loss, and improve sustainability. With the introduction of two new sensors, the MT14 and MT30, we’re dramatically expanding on these capabilities. 


MT14 and MT30 will be available to order on April 12, 2022.



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Air quality is currently top of mind for many different organizations. For example, schools want to create safe environments for students and faculty, while large enterprises want their employees to feel comfortable when returning to the office.


The new MT14 is an indoor air quality sensor, provides insight into overall air conditions to improve comfort and safety. MT14 monitors temperature, humidity, TVOCs, PM2.5, and overall noise levels to help organizations create more comfortable environments that improve employee productivity and enhance customer experiences.


Watch the MT14 release video or check out MT14 on the web to learn more.



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Organizations are turning toward digital technologies to streamline processes, create new customer experiences, and adapt to evolving business challenges. MT30 is a smart automation button designed to automate common tasks or trigger specific actions at the press of a button.


With the click of a button, MT30 can alert staff members when a customer needs assistance, turn off Wi-Fi to help students focus in school, replenish material on a manufacturing line, or control office lighting to decrease energy consumption.


MT30 comes with an automation builder feature on the Meraki dashboard that makes it easy to build workflows custom to your business needs, including native integrations with other Meraki products.


Watch the MT30 release video  or check out MT30 on the web to learn more.

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