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MR/SM - Trusted Access for Android

Meraki Employee



The previously announced Trusted Access feature for Meraki MR and SM deployments is now available for Android devices. 


Trusted Access is an easy, secure way to connect Android, iOS, iPadOS, and macOS devices to Meraki MR wireless networks, with Windows support in development. It provides simple, secure certificate-based EAP-TLS authentication, eliminating the need to setup a certificate authority (CA) or RADIUS server for secure Wi-Fi.


Trusted Access provides a solution for customers who want to securely onboard endpoint devices but don’t want or need a heavyweight MDM solution. As an example, it’s a great fit for admins looking to provide secure network access to BYOD devices without the need for MDM.


To learn more about Trusted Access and how to get started with it, please see our documentation on using Trusted Access for secure wireless connectivity.