Introducing upcoming Meraki health feature - Guided CRC Troubleshooting Flow

Meraki Employee
What does it do?
This feature is designed to reduce troubleshooting effort, make issue resolution more intuitive, and save more time for our customers. 
Reduce troubleshooting effort
The feature automatically detects speed/Duplex mismatch between 2 Meraki switch ports that can lead to CRC issues and suggests users fix the issue. 
CRC first part final.gif
Make issue resolution more intuitive
If no configuration issue is detected, it will first ask users to run a cable test to rule out any cabling issue, which reduces the need to navigate to a completely different page (e.g., live tools) to access the tool. 
Saves more time
Lists out all possible root causes with detailed action items that can help pinpoint the root cause. 
CRC 2nd final.gif

How to enable the feature?

This feature will soon be available as BETA, so no additional action is needed to enable the feature.


When can I have access to this feature?


As we are doing a phased rollout of this feature, it will take some time to be available for everyone. The rollout will begin this week.


We will send out another email update once the feature is available for everyone, so please stay tuned. This feature is now available for everyone. To learn more about the feature, please check out our documentation.

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