Introducing the next-generation vMX-XL on AWS!













We're thrilled to announce the launch of the next-generation of vMX, the vMX-XL! Now available in public beta on AWS! vMX-XL is our most powerful cloud networking solution yet, designed to redefine the possibilities for scale and performance. With the vMX-XL, you can seamlessly and securely connect your branch locations to AWS resources in the cloud, ensuring unparalleled efficiency and reliability. Experience the future of cloud connectivity today and elevate your network infrastructure to new heights with the vMX-XL. 


Major Highlights: 


  • FASTER PERFORMANCE: Scale more powerful services with up to 10 Gbps VPN throughput and 10,000 VPN tunnels from a single instance (launching first on AWS)
  • SUPPORT FOR MODERN COMPUTING: Leverage the next-generation of AWS C-series compute (C6in.2XL) for optimized throughput and performance
  • MORE SUSTAINABLE PERFORMANCE: Achieve 10 Gbps of VPN throughput with just an 8 core instance, making it one of the lowest cost, highest performing virtual appliances on the market
  • INTRODUCING NEW SOFTWARE ASIC: Built on top of Cisco’s industry leading Vector Packet Processing (VPP)technology for better performance, scalability, and sustainability


What is Cisco’s Vector Packet Processing (VPP) technology? 




Cisco’s VPP (Vector Packet Processing) technology is the industry's fastest software dataplane delivering unparalleled packet processing speeds. Developed by Cisco and now open sourced as part of the (Fast Data) project under the Linux Foundation, VPP linearly scales with each additional CPU core achieving performance equivalent to or better than most hardware ASIC’s with the flexibility and speed of software.  This fusion of agility and power paves the way for rapid feature development and product evolution, setting a new standard for secure WAN infrastructure.


Joining forces with industry leaders like Intel, ARM, and Marvell, VPP benefits from a collaborative effort that continuously refines and elevates its capabilities. This partnership underscores the industry's shared commitment to advancing network technology and ensuring VPP remains at the forefront of innovation.  VPP technology is trusted to run some of the largest datacenter networks in the world including Cisco’s own SASE and SSE platforms. 


Join the public beta now and be among the first to harness the full potential of the cloud with our latest vMX-XL innovation!


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