Early Access: Enhanced Topology

We are excited to announce a new enhanced version of Topology is available! This updated Topology provides an automated, comprehensive, and contextualized view of your end-to-end network performance. Navigate to Organization > Early Access page, and toggle “Opt-in" now. 


What's new? 

This updated Topology map is more interactive and intuitive. It is designed to provide a quick snapshot view of network health and unparalleled visibility with device- and client-level details. 


  • Your network binoculars: see a high-level view of network health and client overview and zoom in to focus on what’s important so you can identify patterns and anomalies faster. 



  • Unparalleled visibility and network details in one place
    • Device details: understand the interconnection and dependencies easily



  • Client details: We heard you loud and clear! Client details are now available within the Topology page. Easily search for and identify a client to help trace and troubleshoot its path throughout the network.



How to opt-in? 

Navigate to Organization > Early Access page, and toggle “Opt-in" now. 


How to submit feedback? 

Let us know how we can improve our topology displays and what context will help give you the insight you need. Once you have opted in, please locate the Feedback button at the top right corner of the enhanced topology page. 



Learn more

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