Cross Organizational MAC search

Cross Organizational MAC search is live for all customers.  This functionality allows for customers to search across multiple organizations for a full MAC address.


What is Cross Org MAC search?

Cross org MAC search enables Meraki customers to search for a full MAC address across organizations.  This functionality has been built on top of our existing Dashboard search feature. This is an important functionality for customers with multiple organizations. 


Before this implementation if a customer had more than one organizations as part of their set up, they would have to go into each organization one by one to search for a particular MAC address. With the new functionality our customers can search across all organizations for clients using the search bar.  The added functionality once more makes searching for a MAC Meraki simple!


How do I use Cross Org MAC search?

As shown in the screenshot below, you can locate a client by searching for the associated MAC address from the search bar of any organization that your user is tied to:





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