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Info: Locking down an iOS device to a static webpage

Meraki Employee

Info: Locking down an iOS device to a static webpage

Prompted by a customer request the other day to lock down Chrome on iOS to a range of webpages, I thought it was worth sharing my findings and a solution.


So, the request: To Lock down Chrome so that it could only display a range of webpages, and not allow browsing elsewhere


Many apps support the standards that allow for application config management. Meraki Systems Manager also supports this, so, if the app supports it, when creating a managed app config, such as Nine Work for Enterprise...


Screenshot 2020-01-29 at 09.09.57.png


Systems Manager will offer a list of supported settings when you can then configure, as above.


So, having created one for Chrome, I found nothing...


I then found the following resources:


And discovered that, “Policy Support on Chrome on iOS is being removed in Chrome 48 as part of Chrome's move to WKWebView where supporting many of the policies was not possible.” And “Doesn't support managing browsers on Android or iOS.”
So, that ruled out trying to lock Chrome down...
Knowing that it's not (currently) possible to lock Safari down in Kiosk mode, my thoughts turned to Webclips...
A Web Clip is essentially a shortcut to a website that can act as an Application. You'll be able to click links within the Web Clip, but won't have free browsing, unless the website you add takes you to places like Google, for example!
So, I first created a restriction where I hid every single iOS app:
Screenshot 2020-01-29 at 09.25.08.png
(Obviously, you can use this Restriction profile to further lock down the iPad, prevent the use of other capabilities, etc)
Secondly, I then created a Web Clip profile:
Screenshot 2020-01-29 at 09.25.18.png
Note: It's important to tick the "Full Screen" option
I then deployed this down to the device.
Now, I'll admit, it's not perfect, but you end up with:
IMG_0003 1.PNG
("I've included the Meraki SM app as well, for debug purposes). The Web Clip is on the right.
This takes you to:
However, some observations:
You can't get rid of the Settings application, sadly. You could use Home screen Layout and hide it in a folder, however.
Users can navigate to the "Today" view, by swiping right...
IMG_0004 1.PNG
And search for things:
IMG_0005 1.PNG
But clicking on them doesn't do anything (Thankfully!)
You can hide these if the devices is "Locked" in restrictions:
  • Show Control Center in lock screen
    Show Notification Center in lock screen
    Show Today view in lock screen
But not whilst unlocked
There are paid for applications that are managed web browsers, allowing much more functionality / lock down, but if you want to avoid that, and are willing to forgive some of the shortcomings of iOS, then the above should give you a locked down iPad, with a Web Clip that takes you to a single website!
Kind of a big deal

Re: Info: Locking down an iOS device to a static webpage

Thanks for taking the time to write that up @PaulF .

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