Return Device MX | Feature Request | Get VIP and Public NAT

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Return Device MX | Feature Request | Get VIP and Public NAT


I'm not sure if this is possible, but when I try to return the information for a MX, I'm given the wan1ip, wan2ip, and lan ip.


I was wondering if this could also return the VIP, as many of our devices are in HA and they share a VIP.


In addition, a lot of our MX devices are sitting in our landlords network, and they receive a private address through DHCP.  Our landlord NATs our traffic through their router, which is how we get internet.  However, when I get the return data on a mx device, the WAN IP is the private address we received through DHCP, and not the public IP that we get NATEd to.


For example, the API returns:


"wan2Ip": "10.x.x.x."


But when I go to dashboard, the WAN 2 lists the public IP  e.g.




It would be great if we could get all this information from the API request



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The API is returning the interface's IP. The 12.x.x.x IP is probably your 10.x.x.x gateway's public IP being detected. To confirm go to your MX appliance summary, go to the uplink tab, and verify if WAN2 has the local IP you're seeing.

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