Call for Questions for an Upcoming Podcast - V1 of the Dashboard API

Meraki Alumni (Retired)
Meraki Alumni (Retired)

Call for Questions for an Upcoming Podcast - V1 of the Dashboard API


Hi everyone! 


We hope you are staying healthy and productive while sheltering in place. 


If you have some time (or the desire!) to distract yourself for a minute, we’d love your help with  the following:


We’ll be recording a podcast next week where we talk about the next major release of our Dashboard API. In this episode we will discuss the strategy and implementation of a versioning process for this API service - taking the Dashboard API from V0 to V1! We’ll cover what this means for current Dashboard API users, the benefits of moving over to V1, our methodology, and lessons learned in the process. This has been a pretty significant overhaul and standardization of our API code base - we’re excited to talk to you about it! 


We’d love to incorporate your questions and comments into the podcast. If you have anything you’d like to ask (or share) before we record, please feel free to comment on this thread! 


The podcast should be released in the week following recording. We will post in the community again once it is live!

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Going for the low hanging fruit here.

What are some of the coolest projects you've seen done with the API?
Bonus points: Quickly mention the stack or language and maybe major endpoints used in some of those projects.

Building a reputation

One of the major p[rojects i have recently done is the following :


We have several vessels which are connected with V-Sat... These have a low bandwidth and high latency. Here we have some SD WAN and Traffic shaping rules, however if a vessel is near the shore, they automatically select a different carrier with a higher speed and a lower latency. That means that the Traffic shaping can be different , and the crew can be granted more bandwidth.


I have created a Python script which checks changes in latency, and changes the WAN1/WAN2 speed of the meraki and adjust the speed of the crew wifi accordingly..... 


When the vessel returns to the V-Sat again, the script changes it back to the original set WAN1/WAN2 speeds and SD Traffic shaping...


This is the power of Meraki API


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