Laptop Seeing WAN But Not Meraki

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Laptop Seeing WAN But Not Meraki

I was stuck at Orange light today for WAN connectivity at a new site. I had the local person login to the Meraki and we vetted the IP address mask and gateway were correct. I used on ISP DNS and one google Although I think that doesn't matter. We rebooted the cable modem and the Meraki several times. No go. We factory reset the Meraki no go. 

They said they put a laptop on the wire and were able to get to the Internet. 


Are there any other tools for troubleshooting the WAN connection in the Meraki? With a router I would look at the arp cache to see if the arp of the cable modem were visible etc. Thank you.

Kind of a big deal

You can use the local status page on the MX to get a really basic report on what’s happening, but beyond that there isn’t much you can do. I’d double check how you’re meant to be connecting to the cable provider (static IP, DHCP, or PPPoE), or maybe just let the cable modem do all the authentication and just get a private IP address for it (assuming that’s) an option, but beyond that I’d log a case with support, they may be able to get more info from the MX.

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